Automation and Control Systems Integrators - NIC Systems


NIC is well prepared to handle all your start up needs. We start the process before installation by performing a thoroughly documented Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). NIC then handles all your onsite startup tasks, from removing old panels and wiring to installing, Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), and optimizing your new installation. We are experienced with one day to multi day startups and can meet any scheduling requirements your project may entail. We work hand in hand with contractors and vendors to make sure your equipment runs as it was designed to.

Additionally, NIC’s field service technicians are all certified by the International Society of Automation (ISA). Our certified technicians are familiar with ISA standards and provide thorough, documented loop checkouts and technical assistance during startup.

An integral part of any startup is training, and NIC’s staff is committed to making sure all customers are well trained and informed on new systems at startup. We can train on site, or host training at our facility, depending on your needs. Training can include, but is not limited to, SCADA, PLC programming, reporting, and electrical system troubleshooting.

No startup is complete without a reliable alarm notification system. NIC can provide a variety of options, both hardware and software based. We can install and customize a telephone or cellular autodialer, or utilize a PC-based software alarming program, such as Win911 or SCADAlarm, to .deliver critical plant alarms to your operators.