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NIC’s design engineers combine strong academic backgrounds with valuable practical experience to give our customers great return on investment. We strive to stay current with the latest industry standards, software, and hardware architectures for today’s rapidly evolving automation market.

Have you got a process that is out of control? With decades of process control experience at our disposal, we often find innovative ways to tackle complex process loops which had previously never been stable.  Below is an example of a plant that was experiencing an unstable Aeration process.  After implementing control improvements recommended by NIC, the operations staff was able to achieve stable dissolved oxygen levels, resulting in energy and maintenance cost savings.


Dissolved Oxygen Trend Before Control Improvements   Dissolved Oxygen Trend After Control Improvements
Dissolved Oxygen Trend - Before Control Improvement
 Dissolved Oxygen Trend - After Control Improvement


Have you got a complex legacy DCS that is becoming difficult to maintain? If you are seeking a cost-effective replacement with minimal downtime, give us a call. We have lots of experience designing retrofit control systems to increase reliability and decrease maintenance costs.

Have you got a plant that would be easier to run, if only you had more data? NIC can design a SCADA system to capture all your important plant data, as well as reports to satisfy upper management. From client side real time and historical trend setup to maximum uptime, redundant enterprise SQL or Oracle servers, NIC has the toolkit to capture your data the way you want. Let us help you increase productivity.